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Ready for an income breakthrough?

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Finally Revealed: A Proven System To Create Your First – Or Next – 6-Figures And An Awesome Lifestyle Business By Offering Deeply Transformational High-End Programs Your Clients LOVE.

My simple action plan lays out exactly what to do, step by step, to design, market and fill your next program in 60 days or less, even if you’re not a coach, are new in business or don’t have a big list.

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Dear Phenomenal Woman Entrepreneur:

Have you been seeking an alternative to the “dollars for hours” way of working with clients?

Are you tired of giving it all away at low fees, but don’t know how to charge more with integrity?

What if I told you that there was a simple, proven, step-by-step path to…

  • Enjoy a 6-figure+ business by working with just a handful of highly motivated dream clients (the ones who show up fully and take action)
  • Charge what your services are truly worth… without fear, guilt or hesitation
  • Attract clients who seek you out and are happy to pay your premium fees
  • Have the time, freedom and income for the lifestyle you choose, whether that’s traveling the world, raising a family or hanging with your sweetie at home

Get ready to be excited – because that proven path exists! And it all comes down to ONE key strategy that can change… everything.

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So what’s the secret to creating a 6-figure lifestyle business – fast – while being of highest service to those you’re committed to help?

The secret is to ditch the “dollars for hours” and low-end offers and learn a system to deliver your deep work in lucrative high-end programs that sell… for $5,000… $10,000… even $20,000 and up.

What is a high-end program? It’s the work you’re already doing, packaged in a way that delivers the highest level of transformation – and BIG results – for your clients.

Here’s WHY creating & selling high-end or “Platinum Style” programs is THE fastest and easiest way to serve people well, and use your deep transformation to bring in BIG money FAST.

With a system to create your own high-end programs, you’ll be able to…

  • Create generous revenue in your business. Instead of a few hundred dollars, your programs start at $3000, $5000 or $6000 and UP. Once you gain confidence and experience, your fees will go up – fees of $10,000 – $25,000 for a year are very possible. Enroll several clients at once and you’re looking at a five-figure to 6-figure payday.
  • Free up your time. Even when working 1-on-1, you’re often spending less time with clients and making more. And because high-end clients sign on for longer commitments, you spend less time marketing to find them.
  • Free up your ENERGY because you’re attracting a different kind of client and working with them at a much higher level. High-end clients are a joy to work with – and needy, demanding clients are rare.
  • Transform your clients’ RESULTS. Because you’re working at a high level, not only do you attract different clients…. these clients get results. They also value YOU, appreciate you and respect you… and they become committed, fast action taker clients that you dream of having. This ultimately transforms your reputation and your business like nothing else, because they give you success stories and referrals.
  • Create a burst of LEVERAGE in your business. Getting a few committed clients at higher fees creates a boost of cash and frees up time and energy which you can use as LEVERAGE to get to the next level – and offer all those group programs and information products to get your work into the hands of more people.
  • Create big paydays without spending a fortune on marketing. All you’ll need are the simple tools I’ll show you. You can get your first – or next – high-end client with a single conversation.
  • Get started with a “list” of just ONE person. Instead of lengthy, risky launches, you can add clients to your business at ANY time – even if they’ve just met you.
  • Get paid what you’re worth now, no matter where you are in your business – even if you’re new. When you know a proven way to package your services to create massive value, you don’t have to be the “best” out there or have years of experience. All you have to “do” is be willing to own the value of your clients’ transformation – no more discounting your talent, training, and gifts.
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Bottom line: high-end programs transform your LIFESTYLE and how you FEEL about yourself.

They invite you to step into a new way of BEING that truly pulls you forward.

I’ve used the principles of this system to create consistent big paydays, build a 7-figure business and create a lifestyle I love. But it wasn’t always this way…

Today my company Goddess Business School® empowers thousands of conscious women around the globe to make the money they deserve and to BE the new models of financial success.

When I’m not working I’m usually found hanging with my hubby Leland and 3-year-old daughter Brigit, who I’m blessed to spend 5+ hours with each day thanks to the time and income freedom from my business.

But just a few years ago, I’d hit a wall. I was working way too hard and giving SO much of myself away. I’d get a few clients, then turn right around and the money would be gone. I figured I just had to work harder to put an end to the “feast or famine” cycle.

The breakthrough finally came at a training with one of my mentors. In front of the entire room, she challenged me to own my worth: to stop playing small with my fees, stop making it okay for everyone else and get REAL about the true value of my services.

I have to admit, I was more than a little skeptical at the thought of offering programs at 3x what I was charging. But within just a few weeks of replacing my “regular” coaching packages with “Platinum-Style” programs, I made $40,000. (From just 6 clients – three of which hired me for ONE DAY each.)

In just 6 months, I brought in $94,000, which put me well over 6-figures for the year. The next year was my first multi-six-figure year.

Since then, I’ve sold well over $2.5m in high-end programs alone. And it’s STILL my go-to strategy. (A high-end program financed my 3-month maternity leave after Brigit was born.)

I’m so passionate about the life-changing power of high-end programs that I’ve devoted most of the past 5+ years teaching this strategy to thousands of women. Now I’m ready to share it with you!



“High five figure launch!”

I love, love, LOVE the enrollment process you shared in Core Manifesting Process – it was a total game -changer for me. And it worked like a charm!

I was inundated by responses to my invitation for my Diamond program and the first 3 people I talked to all said YES. What’s truly incredible is that every one had already decided that without a doubt, they were doing it – and they had no idea how much it cost. I had so much interest I decided to take some of the overflow and create a group program, which filled immediately. Plus, I have a waiting list for the next time I offer the program.

All told, I enrolled 3 private Diamond clients plus the small group for a high five figure launch. Most importantly, I felt empowered and supported by the structure and boundaries this new way of enrollment provides, and joyously stood as the leader in consciousness that I am.

A true paradigm shift – thank you!

Danielle Rama Hoffman


“19,220 in part-time hours.”

When I first came across Elizabeth’s work I was looking for ways to create high-end packages that would truly serve my clients, and give me the time and money freedom I wanted and needed, once and for all.

I had a successful business doing what I loved, but felt totally trapped in the ‘trading time for money’ model which made me feel limited and frustrated, especially because as a full-time Mum, the time I had to trade for the money was limited to part-time hours.

Investing in Core Manifesting Process was the best decision I’ve ever made for my business!

In first two months, I brought in $19,220, still in part-time hours. I covered my investment and achieved my goal of creating my first $10K month straight away.

I’ve since expanded my offerings to include a $10K program and find those easy to sell without feeling ‘salesy’. I’ve found it way easier to create $10K PLUS months.

I’m also doing more of what I love outside my business, which is deeply nourishing, fulfilling and freeing.

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programs for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, while still giving me the personal fulfillment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

Lisa Page


“Figures within my first 8 months in business”

Before joining Core Manifesting Process, I had NO business at all. I just had a message that I wanted to get out but I had NO IDEA how to do it. My gut told me that Elizabeth was the one to help me get it started, and I didn’t want to spend time struggling. I needed the tools to start out at a high level; to get my message out there as quickly and as clearly possible. My intuition was right on.

As a result of what I learned, I hit six figures in my first 8 months of business and was able to leave my old job at a university! I also doubled my list from 3K to 6K, and almost immediately after I launched my blog I started traveling as an international speaker, giving the signature talk I learned how to create in Core Manifesting Process.

I now coach women around the world, I have a full practice of clients, a successful online course, and am leading a vibrant sisterhood, the Womb of Light community, based on my work on helping women to heal the mother wound. The best part is, I make my own schedule and create my business around my own values. My business reflects me on all levels. There’s a powerful level of alignment and harmony in my life now. I AM living my message on an even deeper level and am able to reach even more people.

Everything has shifted for me since starting the program. I had the mindset that I was ready to bring my message to the world, and Elizabeth gave me the tools to do just that – at the level I wanted to be at.

The skills and tools I learned in PPS will continue to serve me well into the future. They helped me establish myself not only as a woman with a message, but also a successful business woman who has systems and processes to get that message to the people who need it most. For that, I will be forever grateful!

Bethany Webster

“I quickly earned my investment back and generated $9,500 from three new clients in two days!”

Before I invested in Core Manifesting Process, I struggled financially for many years as a speaker, coach and founder of a nonprofit organization for girls. I had a long history of undercharging and giving my services away for free and was so frustrated that I had considered going back to a 9 to 5. I lacked confidence in the value of my services and avoided sales conversations, so I left a lot of money on the table. As a Ph.D.-trained researcher, I am very analytical and was skeptical about whether I would really be able to sell high-end coaching programs. However, I felt intuitively that Elizabeth was the answer to my prayers, took a leap of faith and never looked back!

Core Manifesting Process completely transformed my life and business by teaching me how to confidently raise my fees and gracefully sell high-end coaching programs to parents.  She also helped me develop a platinum business coaching program that teaches other women how to profit from their passion for empowering young women and girls.

Soon after implementing her system, I quickly earned my investment back and generated $9,500 from three new clients in two days!

The program has paid for itself many times over and I now have the tools to create a cash infusion whenever I need or desire money. Just a few days ago, I enrolled two new clients in less than 24 hours and generated what I used to make in one YEAR when I was working full-time and running my nonprofit! I am blown away that I used to stay up all night for weeks writing grant proposals that often went unfunded, and today I can have one sales conversation and sell a 5-figure package to a new client that I’m excited about working with.

I am forever grateful for Elizabeth and over-the-moon ecstatic that I am able to get paid generously to do what I love while making a positive difference in the lives of women, parents, and girls. I now have a waiting list for my programs and high-end clients around the world as far away as Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates!

I have invested in countless coaches and countless training programs over the years, and Core Manifesting Process is the one that helped me get unstuck quickly and create money breakthroughs that freed me from the exhausting pursuit of unpredictable donations and grant funding! Without a doubt, it’s hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business! Elizabeth is the real deal and she has a genuine love for helping women become financially empowered.

Carla Stokes, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Teen Health  & Behavior Expert and Success Coach for Women and Girls

“I added an extra 5-figures to my bottom line”

Before Core Manifesting Process, I’d spent tons of money trying to ‘figure out how to make money with programs’ to no avail. I was a one-to-one service provider and desperately wanted to funnel my knowledge in a leveraged way, but everything I tried (for 8yrs.) just wasn’t working. I was beginning to lose my confidence even though I KNEW I had much to share.

Core Manifesting Process changed all that, by walking me through the whole process, step-by-step, of an effective and powerful program. In very short order I was able to get exquisitely clear on who I wanted to serve and why.  I also learned why high-end programs work so well, which was a 180 for my thinking. People get better results, are more engaged, and WANT to be taken care of in the ways I was learning to do in the program.

So I went for it, and I’ll be damned if Elizabeth wasn’t right (she usually is)! I sold several high-end programs (my first ever) and it was magical. People said ‘yes’ exactly for the reasons I was learning and it was a pleasure to work with them in this way. In a few short months I added an extra 5 figures to my bottom line. I was hooked.

Now my business is growing every day and even more importantly I’ve grown! Even my one-on-one clients have benefited from my clearer voice. I’ll use what I’ve learned in this program forever. It’s a core tool that I now see I can’t be without as a transformational healer/leader. I’ll continue to create effective programs, make great money getting great results with people, all the while working at a ease-filled pace, SO exciting!

Laurie Morse, L.Ac.
Return to Love Mentor

“I’m averaging $10,000 per month, without a ‘proper’ website!”

Prior to Core Manifesting Process my business was averaging sales of approximately $ 3,000 per month.  I was struggling each month with cash flow, wondering where and how I was going to get clients, and never felt like I had enough time.

After joining Core Manifesting Process, I redesigned my business, focusing more on strategy, systems and results.  I added a VIP intensive to the beginning of my 6 month intuitive business coaching program.  I launched my newly designed business on January 27, 2016, and earnings since that date have totaled $62,000… averaging $10,000+ per month (and I don’t even have a “proper” website!)

Making the mindset shift to thinking big picture and systems was huge.  For my income to shift, I needed to shift. I was shocked by how much fear was stopping me. Through PPS I found success and freedom by adding structure, and I’ve learned I love to work virtually!

Michelle Depres
Intuitive Business Coach
Awaken Business School, founder

I have to admit I am kind of an “Elizabeth junkie”….but only because she has helped me so much!

When I started working with Elizabeth I wasn’t new to marketing or business building but nothing ever quite worked for me and my niche. I am an intuitive business and success coach & Family Constellations facilitator. I’d hit a point in my business where I was stuck selling $1500-4500 packages and I knew I wanted to break into more higher end services.

With the help of Core Manifesting Process, I created my first $7500 offer and sold it within the first 60 days. Since then I have gone on to create 10k, 12k and even 14k packages, all while working 4-5 half days a week. 🙂

I am extremely happy with my results… do I need to say more? If you know that your next step is to create and sell high-end packages, Core Manifesting Process is the program for you. Love you, Elizabeth!

Carolin Hauser

Now, I know the numbers that my clients and I are sharing are incredible – maybe they even seem a little unreal. And you may be saying, “That’s great, Elizabeth, BUT… I really don’t see how it’s possible for ME.”

I feel you! I was skeptical too, at first.

After mentoring so many women to offer programs (including “hands on” business like massage and energy work) I know what’s possible for you. And I DON’T want you to miss out because of a few misconceptions that are easily answered.

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“My clients won’t pay higher fees.”

Yes, they will. I’ve done it, and my clients have done it, over and over again. It’s just that no one ever gave you the right SYSTEM that shows you how to tap into a secret, hidden desire clients have to actually pay you more. (Statistically speaking, up to 20% of your clients will only pay for a premium level of service. This means you’re not serving these clients if you DON’T have a high-end option.)

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“I’m newer in my business.”

This is awesome! That means you get to completely SKIP all the struggle and heartache when it comes to fees, packaging your services and making real money. I invite you to get excited, because the rules of Core Manifesting Process apply no matter what stage of business you’re in. You get to do it right from the get-go.

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“I don’t want to leave people behind.”

I completely understand and of course you would never give up on the people you care about. Here’s what I know from experience: many of them will come with you as you “go Platinum” because it helps them create such fantastic results. Those who complete can move into your lower cost options (which you’ll finally get to create once you have more space in your schedule).

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“I’m not a coach and I don’t teach clients how to make money.”

You don’t have to teach clients how to make money, you just need to help them with a specific problem or challenge they want solved. I’ve mentored holistic nutritionists, life purpose coaches, fertility experts, massage therapists, energy healers, shamanic healers, and spiritual life coaches, and many more – all have made big money with high-end programs.

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“I like working with clients one-on-one!”

Me too! But I’d bet that currently, much of your time goes to clients who are…let’s say…less than satisfying for you. Imagine working exclusively with highly motivated dream clients who show up powerfully and get amazing results. That’s the true beauty of this system – you get to work with clients like THAT. All the time.

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“I haven’t cleaned up my own challenges yet.”

Your clients don’t want you to be perfect – they just want you to be a few steps ahead. The old “I’m not perfect, so how can I help anybody?” thing is just another sneaky move the ego plays to trick you into holding back your gifts. There’s someone out there who needs you, right now, as you are. The journey is never done!

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“I’m not ready!”

Goddess, I’m flat-out calling BOO on that one because we know it’s just not true! 🙂 Truth is, if you’re ready to charge for your services, you’re ready to position and package your one-on-one services as a high-end offer.

You and I both know that there’s no “perfect time” to accelerate your growth, and that you’re more than ready right NOW to make a heck of a lot more money, in less time, and with more freedom in your life.

So let me ask you…

If you added 6-figures-plus to your business, from a smaller number of highly committed clients… how would that change the game for you?

Take a minute now and really think about it. Would you…

  • Move to a new city or a new home – or both!
  • Hire an amazing team to take the busywork off your plate
  • Take regular yoga or dance classes
  • Hire a trainer
  • Invest in high-end mentoring, trainings, seminars!
  • Pay down debt
  • Fill your home and office with pretty things that make you feel special
  • Travel across the country and stay in 5-star locations
  • Take high end vacations, visit with friends and family you love…
  • Buy organic food
  • Get massages, invest in extreme self-care
  • Hire a stylist and shop for a whole new wardrobe
  • Buy a new car!
  • Give to your favorite charities and the people you love
  • Relish the security of a full bank account
  • Take time off for creative projects that nourish you, stir your soul and have nothing to do with your business…

Maybe your desire is… “All of the above, and more!”

Thanks to high-end programs, I’ve manifested everything on that list above… and more. 🙂

As you can imagine, you DO need to know how to package your services to warrant higher fees.

You also need to know what to include (and NOT to include) in your programs.

Also – of course you need to know where to find the right clients who will gladly invest in themselves at this level… how to get them raising their hands to talk to you about your program… and how to conduct your enrollment process so they’re pre-sold on working with you at your higher fees.

That’s exactly what I’m going to show you!

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In Core Mnaifesting Process, I’m sharing everything I know to create, market and FILL high-end programs, including my signature done-for-you templates and scripts, PLUS marketing materials from my successful launches.

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What makes this program different?

  • Time tested and proven. Everything in Core Manifesting Process comes straight from my own business and has been used by hundreds of our clients to enroll millions of dollars in programs, collectively
  • Longevity. I was one of the first mentors to publicly teach this secret strategy and I’ve spent the past 6+ years immersed in high-end, almost exclusively.
  • Comprehensive. While most programs leave out critical pieces (leaving you to puzzle it out on your own), we get RAVES from clients on our trainings and the quality of our done-for-you materials.
  • Our Action Plan makes it easy! We lay out for you exactly what to do, step-by-step, to enroll new clients in 60 days or less, plus you’ll take action to enroll new clients, right in the program!
  • 8 weeks of LIVE group coaching with Elizabeth to implement the Action Plan and enroll your first – or next – high-end clients in 60 days!

No going it alone! We’ll be walking through the plan together. You’ll be surrounded and supported by our team and your program colleagues for two full months as you take action, both in LIVE Q+A calls with me and in our private Facebook community (already 500 women and men strong).

We’ve mentored hundreds of clients over the years to successfully sell their first – or next – programs for double and even triple the fees they were charging. This system will work for you too – even if you’re not a coach or consultant!


Module 1: How To Channel Your Deep Transformation Into A Compelling Core Offer that High-End Clients Will Happily Invest In

In this module, you’ll get crystal clear on WHAT you have to offer that high-end clients will invest in, and discover how to clearly communicate your value so ideal clients are inspired to invest with you at higher fees.

You’ll discover…

  • The critical six-figure mindset shifts you must make before you create any high end program (these are KEY to charging higher fees)
  • What your clients are REALLY investing in when they step into your high end program. (This is crucial to attracting ideal clients who will happily pay higher fees.)
  • The TRUE motivator that inspires clients to buy at high fees (ignore this and all you’ll hear is “I can’t afford it.”)
  • My simple 3-step process to uncover EXACTLY what you can offer high-end clients that they WANT and will PAY for
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Checklists of proven high-end program ideas that sell. No more guesswork – you can just choose what most resonates, and go. (My colleagues have told me that this list alone is worth the entire investment in the program.)


Module 2: How To Design A Rich And Juicy High-End Program Your Clients Will LOVE (And Want To Sign Up For!)

Core Manifesting Process is one of the most exciting, lucrative offers you can make in your business – when you do it right. Problem is, many women sabotage themselves and end up right back where they started – overworked, underpaid, and undervalued.

In this module, I’ll show you HOW to design programs that sell AND truly leverage your time so you get the time and income freedom you crave.

You’ll discover…

  • How to avoid the #1 biggest mistake business owners make with program design that can sabotage their clients’ success (this one is huge, and nobody else is talking about it.)
  • How to minimize the amount of time spent with clients while maximizing their results.
  • The one thing you MUST include with your program so that you become indispensable to your clients, they happily pay more, and get even better results.
  • How to make your program stand out from what everyone else is offering.
  • How to gracefully stop “giving away the farm” in your lower level programs so that you increase the value of your new premium services.
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Core Manifesting Process blueprints that take all of the guesswork out of designing your program (I’ve filled all of them over the past 4 years – so you know they work!)
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Samples of 6-month, 12-month, 90-day, 1-day intensives and a group mastermind, straight from my own business, so that you can see exactly how successful programs are structured and model them yourself.


Module 3: How To Price Your Program With Integrity & Accept Payment With Credibility

Your price PLUS how you handle payment sets the stage for the success or failure of your entire program. In this module, I’ll give you a step-by-step template for setting your fees, and explain in detail EXACTLY what you need to accept payment with ease and credibility.

You get…

  • The answer to the question, “How much can I really charge?” and what type of payment options to offer
  • When to give your fee – and when NOT to give your fee (In a conversation? On the website? Discover exactly when to put it out there.)
  • What to do and say to avoid hearing “I can’t afford it” from your potential clients.
  • Tips to work with your credit card processor so they’re standing at the ready to accept the greater amount of money you’ll be receiving.
  • How to make your full-payment option a no-brainer for your potential clients (you’ll love how often they take you up on it.)
  • Exactly what you need to feel 100% confident standing behind your price, so you don’t turn potential clients off (they can tell when you don’t really believe it 😉 )
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Easy template for setting your fees for your Cpre Manifesting Process (including my favorite “starter” investments for a 90-day and 6-month program.)


Module 4: Platinum Enrollment Materials That Do The Selling For You

Imagine having a conversation with a potential high-end client that lasts just 15 minutes, where the client is coming to you, pre-sold and ready to sign on with you!

That’s the beauty of using the powerful enrollment process you’ll discover in this module.

You get…

  • Platinum invitation letter template which lays out exactly what to say to describe your program and call forward the right clients, so they desire to work with you
  • Platinum application template, including done-for-you application questions, designed to lead the right clients to the conclusion to hire you while screening out those who are not a fit. (Plus I’ll give you the psychology behind the questions, so you can create your own).
  • Platinum agreement checklist, so you know exactly what you need to include to create safety for your clients, protect your business and put yourself forward as a highly paid professional
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: Generous sample letters and applications from my most successful campaigns, plus a sample agreement you can use as a starting place


Module 5: Launch! Marketing & Enrollment Secrets To Fill Your Program With Ease

A great program is nothing without a launch strategy that leads to a big payday. Now that you’ve packaged your transformation in a way your high-end clients can’t resist, it’s time to LAUNCH.

You’ll discover…

  • How to fill your Core Manifesting Process with ease, even if you don’t have a big list (I created my first 6-figures with an email list of just a few hundred people.)
  • The critical part of the conversation you must never “weenie out” on, else you risk hearing “I can’t afford it”
  • The right questions to ask to screen for your ideal clients plus how to know who to invite and who to respectfully let go
  • How to gracefully transition your current clientele to your new high-end model without losing them or leaving them behind.
  • Are they in or out? How to get a firm, decisive answer on the spot – while honoring their process and staying in integrity.
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: A tried-and-true email campaign to launch your high-end program online using email
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: List of screening questions to quickly identify “red flags” that can sabotage the success of your program (especially important for when you’re working with groups.)


Module 6: How To Deliver A High-End Program Your Clients Will Never Forget …In Just A Few Hours Per Month

There’s nothing like sealing the deal with awesome high-end clients! Now you need a SYSTEM for delivering a phenomenal Core Manifesting Process experience… and handling the situations that come up along the way.

You’ll discover…

  • Why you DON’T need to be the best or most experienced service provider to create amazing results for your Core Manifesting Process clients.
  • How to AVOID the situation you dread most: having clients call you or email you a day after they enroll to say “I’ve changed my mind.”
  • How to plan your monthly calls and teleseminars to minimize your time commitments and give you back your freedom.
  • How to plan your retreat content, step-by-step.
  • How to make your live or virtual retreats a safe haven for your program members, so they are free to be open, connect deeply and create lasting transformation.
  • How to budget your program to deliver a high-class experience AND maximize your profits (the expenses can creep up, so you don’t want to miss this.)
  • DONE-FOR-YOU goodness that will make it super-simple to deliver a first-class platinum experience your clients will LOVE.
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Get High End Clients Now: Your 60 Day Action Plan

This is your blueprint for success! In this done-for-you guide, you’ll get exact the exact day-by-day steps to get your first – or next! – high end clients.

My clients LOVE the 60-Day Action Plan because I literally lay out for you, day-by-day, exactly what to do to get new clients in 60 days, including exactly how to use the Core Manifesting Process training and templates.

Now you can take aligned action without overwhelm! Simply follow this structured plan to enroll at least 3 clients in your high-end program in 60 days or less.

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8 Weeks of LIVE Q+A with
Elizabeth as you “work the plan”

No going it alone!

A key component of this program is implementation and action.
Which is why we’re going to walk through the Action Plan together.

When you register, you’ll receive instant access to the entire Core Manifesting Process training. Then after you’ve had a little time to settle in and get started, we’re going to implement the Action Plan as a group.

You’ll get 2 hours of LIVE Q+A time with me every week for 8 weeks, where you can get your questions answered and the coaching you need to take action! Plus you’ll also have access to me and our team of coaches in our private Facebook group.


“More money in 6 months than in a whole year of my job!”

Before working with Elizabeth I had a few coaching clients and was supplementing my income by from teaching local classes. In total I made about $500-$2,000 a month and I didn’t know how to get more clients or how to shift my business into something more steady.

Since I joined Core Manifesting Process I created more money in six months than I had in a whole year of my most well paid corporate job. Last month I brought in over $8,400!

My business is now a streamlined flow of new clients and continuation of bigger projects. I am now conscious of how to attract clients, and the enrollment conversation style that I learned from Elizabeth will be used by me for a lifetime. I have 32 people in my high-end group program and have three Diamond level coaching clients. I absolutely love how I spend my days and who I work with.

What I learned in Core Manifesting Process is priceless and will grow with my company. I have my marketing mapped out for the next quarter and am supported by an assistant to get it all done. I finally feel like I run a real business… I know that I can do this, and that is so liberating!

Rachel Archelaus


“I easily made in 2 weeks what I used to make in a year!”

When I stepped into Elizabeth’s first Core Manifesting Process, I was just starting to transition out of offering my coaching for a few hundred dollars a month. I understood the concept of Platinum but had no idea how to implement it within my business. My confidence was wobbly and I was unsure of myself.

Almost immediately, I enrolled 2 VIP clients for $2,400 total. That felt like a great success – and it was only the beginning!

Toward the end of the Mastermind, I enrolled 4 clients into my new 6-month platinum program and generated $24,000 within a matter of weeks! With Elizabeth’s brilliant guidance, I had easily made in 2 weeks what I used to bust my butt to make in a year!

That experience was life-changing. It provided the foundation of all the success I’ve experienced in my business since. Aside from the fabulous income, it confirmed for me that my ideal clients want and will pay for what I have to offer and that I can recreate similar success over and over. Confidence like that is priceless! If Platinum is the path that’s calling you, Elizabeth is hands-down the best mentor to learn it from.

Susanna Maida


These Bonuses Will Boost Your Results

I’ve put together a phenomenal collection of resources to elevate your success with Core Manifesting Process. These bonuses are worth as much, if not more, than the program itself!

This is box title

BONUS 1: How To Create A “Goddess State Of Mind”
To Easily Attract Clients At Higher Fees

To create rock star results with high-end clients, you must love and treasure yourself as the Goddess you are. A “Goddess State Of Mind” is the to-the-core-of-you belief that you are worth it, your services are worth it, and that your clients will gladly pay for it.

You’ll discover how to upgrade your thinking and actions in 5 key areas to create a Goddess State Of Mind. You’ll finally OWN your value & the results you provide, expand your ability to accept greater amounts of money, and so much more.

Your mindset is the KEY to commanding 5-figure and even 6-figure fees with confidence. Which is why the this bonus training alone is worth the investment in the entire program.

VALUE: Priceless
This is box title

BONUS 2: How To Make $1000 – $10,000 In One Day
With 1-Day Intensives and Virtual Workshops

1-Day Intensives (or “1-days”) are one of the simplest and FUN ways to create income quickly. Most high-end offers you create will include SOME kind of intensive time with you, making your 1-days a perfect “lead in” to your high-end programs.

In this audio training, you’ll discover everything you need to add 1-Day offerings to your business fast, including…

  • What hot topics (results) to design your 1-Day Intensive to deliver
  • How to structure and deliver your 1-Day Intensive so that both you and your clients stay relaxed and high-energy.
  • How to create a compelling 1-Day offer that clients will eagerly sign up for.
  • How to price your 1-Day for maximum revenue and integrity.
  • How to quickly implement your 1-days days so you get into action and create income ASAP.

Just one “1-Day” client alone can cover your investment in the entire training.

VALUE: $997
This is box title

BONUS 3: Transformational Selling
For High-End Programs Crash Course

Selling changes lives! Easily enroll more of your ideal high-end clients in a single conversation using Elizabeth’s heartfelt, proven Transformational Selling method. Crash course includes:

  • Detailed template and script for a Transformational Selling Conversation with high-end clients (which you can edit to suit your style and language)
  • Word-for-word OFFER script detailing exactly what to say when making your offer
  • Word-for-word objections scripts of exactly what to say when they say “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have time, “let me talk to my husband” and other common concerns
  • 60-minute “no fluff” audio training that has you enrolling with confidence
VALUE: $497
This is box title

BONUS 4: Results Blueprint: What To Include In Your Programs So Your Clients Get The Results They’re Paying For

Ever wonder if you can really get those awesome results for your clients? Here’s a secret that will ease your mind: it’s HOW you design your program that makes the biggest difference.

With the right container (your program) that has been specifically designed to account for the way human beings create change, your clients will create extraordinary results – sometimes even in spite of themselves. You’ll discover 10 key elements to include in your program – these take the pressure off you so you can feel confident that your program will deliver.

VALUE: $297
This is box title

BONUS 5: Troubleshooting Guide: What To Do If They’re Not Signing Up

There’s nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into a program… only to have nobody sign up!

A lack of signups can be frustrating, even downright scary if you’re counting on the income. (I’ve been there.) The great news is, most reasons behind a lack of signups are very common and simple to fix.

In this bonus audio training, I’ll lay out a step by step plan to “troubleshoot” your Core Manifesting Process offer, so you can identify the issue and get back on track quickly. PLUS you’ll get a checklist of simple solutions for the most common reasons why clients aren’t signing up, and how to handle any resistance you may be feeling in yourself.

VALUE: $297
This is box title

BONUS 6: High-End Client Hotspots: 10+ Places Where Your Ideal Platinum Clients Are Already Hanging Out

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, “Where do I FIND clients who pay higher fees?” In this bonus training, I’ll walk you through a checklist of 10+ places where your ideal high-end clients are already hanging out, plus share the best “low hanging fruit” opportunities you can use to enroll new clients right away.

VALUE: $197
This is box title

BONUS 7: The Core Manifesting Process Facebook Community

In the same way LIVE events provide an environment for connecting with and learning from other successful women, you’ll get access to a thriving virtual community to learn from, connect with and grow.

This page will also serve as sacred space to interact with me personally and get your questions answered while you implement. That way everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from your questions and the answers I provide.

VALUE: $497
This is box title

MP3 Audio Recordings Of The Entire Course

Conveniently download all audio recordings to your iPod, iPhone, or computer. These recordings will become an essential part of your success library for years to come.

This is box title

Transcripts For Each Module Recording

I know that you may like to read instead of listen (or in addition to listening in), PLUS, if you’re anything like me, you love taking lots of NOTES, too. That’s why I’m including transcripts of each audio recording for you. Read them online, or download them and print them out to capture bonus ideas and “aha!”s that are sparked for you.

Here’s How Your Program Will Flow…

(or, how we’re going to take action to enroll new clients, together)

A key component of this program is implementation and action. Which is why we’re going to walk through the Action Plan together.

When you register, you’ll receive instant access to the entire Core Manifesting Process training. Then after you’ve had a little time to settle in and get started, we’re going to implement the Action Plan as a group.

You’ll get 2 hours of LIVE Q+A time with me every week for 8 weeks, where you can get the coaching and answers you need to take action! Plus you’ll also have access to me and our team of coaches in our private Facebook group.

elizabeth-contentProgram Schedule:

Orientation Call: September 29
WEEK 1: October 6
WEEK 2: October 13
WEEK 3: October 20
WEEK 4: October 27
WEEK 5: November 3
WEEK 6: November 10
WEEK 7: November 17
Integration week (no call): November 24
WEEK 8 – Completion: December 1

What if you can’t make the calls LIVE? All calls will be recorded, plus you’ll be able to submit your questions to Elizabeth ahead of time in the Facebook group. With the presence of Elizabeth’s team of trained coaches in the Facebook group (plus most of the Core Manifesting Process alumni from previous programs, and of course Elizabeth herself), you will have access to a support system, 24/7!

This is box title

You can see that I’m making it easy for you to succeed. And by now, clearly the idea of offering high end programs of your own is speaking to you, since you’ve read this far.

This is box title

So it’s time to ask yourself
“The Million Dollar Question”…

If you could add a simple, predictable, repeatable 5-figure to 6-figure income stream to your business, in record time… how much would that be worth to you?

I’ve included everything you need to create, market and fill high-end programs at fees of $3,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 and up. When you take action on the day-by-day plan I’ll give you, you can have new high-end clients in 60 days or less. That’s thousands of dollars in income just waiting for you.

And I’m serious about helping you get results. I don’t want this to be just another program that sits on your hard drive because when you add even just a few Platinum clients, the money adds up very quickly – my clients have had paydays of $10,000… $20,000 and even high five figures.

And if that sounds a little out there for you right now, you can begin with just one VIP Day client for $1000. OR a 90 day program for $1500 or $3000.

Now, there’s no question that the money is amazing. But truthfully? In the hands of conscious women, these programs aren’t about the money. They’re about transformation, for your clients and for you. High-end programs are about holding your clients AND yourself to a higher level of greatness. You get to do your best work with clients who truly value it.

When you own your worth, your confidence grows. Your personal power grows. And your life will change in amazing ways you can’t even predict right now. Above and beyond the money. The money is simply a means.

That’s why I’m so passionate about this strategy. That’s what I see for you and wish for you.

That’s why your investment in the program is $2997 $1997.

This investment indicates a serious commitment but is totally doable and only requires 1 or 2 clients at most to make your investment back. (If money is tight right now, use the payment plan to spread it out over a few months.)

Use This Program For An Entire Year And If
You Don’t Sign On High-End Clients, I’ll
Give You A Full Refund

I’ve poured my heart and soul into Core Manifesting Process and fully stand by everything I teach. After mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs in this system, I know if you follow the 60-Day Action Plan and do the work as directed, you’ll get results.

So here’s my guarantee…

I invite you to say YES and take a full year from the date of enrollment to implement the 60-Day Action Plan. If, after completing the plan, you don’t feel I’ve delivered on this promise, simply send us your completed 60-day checklist and all of the materials you used to market your program (program letter and application, emails sent, etc) and we’ll happily refund 100% your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require the completed 60-Day Action Plan and your program marketing materials before we’ll refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you do the work as directed, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do all the work and don’t get value, then we’ll cheerfully refund you.

That’s how much I stand by this program, and how much I believe in YOU to create success with this system. And that’s how much I want you to say YES and join us!


You’re fully protected by my guarantee – you have nothing to lose. And if you’re reading this far, I know the desire inside you to say YES to this opportunity is very strong indeed.

Nonetheless, I understand you may still be a little skeptical, or you might be wondering if this truly is the right program for you, or if what I share would truly work for YOUR business. That’s why I want to address…

Common Questions About “Platinum Style” Programs And My Step-By-Step System For Adding This Proven 6-Figure Revenue Stream To Your Business

What if I'm newer in my business?
My clients won't pay for high-end services!
Money is pretty tight right now. I've invested in a lot of training already. I don't know if I can swing this.
I don't have a list or a website. Can I make this work for me?
I'm not sure if this will work for my clients, or in my industry. I don't teach people how to make money.
This is box title

So are you READY to “Go Platinum”… and transform your talent, wisdom and GIFTS into your first – or next! – 6-figures while creating rapid, powerful transformation for those you’re here to serve?

This is box title


“Yes, Elizabeth – I’m ready to learn your system to create, launch and fill my own highly profitable high-end coaching and mentoring programs!”

I understand that by enrolling in Core Manifesting Process, I’ll receive…

  • The Complete Core Manifesting Process training program in 6 modules (Value: $1997)
  • Done-For-You templates, checklists, blueprints and scripts for each module (Value: $997)
  • 60-Day Action Plan to enroll new clients (Value: $297)
  • 8 weeks of LIVE Group Coaching with Elizabeth to implement the Action Plan (Value: $1997)
  • BONUS 1: How To Create A Goddess State of Mind audio training (Priceless!)
  • BONUS 2: How To Make $1000 – $10,000 In One Day With 1-Day Intensives (Value: $997)
  • BONUS 3: Transformational Selling For High-End Programs Crash Course (Value: $497)
  • BONUS 4: Results Blueprint (Value: $297)
  • BONUS 5: Troubleshooting Guide (Value: $297)
  • BONUS 6: High-End Client Hotspots: 10+ Places Where Your Ideal Platinum Clients Are Already Hanging Out (Value: $197)
  • BONUS 7: The Core Manifesting Process Facebook Community (Value: $497)
  • MP3 Recordings & transcripts of all calls

Total Value: $8070

NOTE: You will receive instant access to the Core Manifesting Process training and
an invitation to the Facebook Group when you register. Q+A calls begin Oct 1.


Doors closed for the FINAL time Midnight September 22

1997 297




“I made more in 4 months than I did for all of 2014”

Before joining Core Manifesting Process, I had been trying to build my business for several years and had just completed a full-out “launch” with JV partners, Facebook ads and all of the bells and whistles, but did not sign one client. I was pretty discouraged, but after listening to one of Elizabeth’s webinars, I joined her program hoping to turn things around.

Since I started working with Elizabeth, I have made more in 4 months than I did for all of 2014. I created a Signature Program that I am proud to offer, and my clients are getting great results. I’m getting referrals, people are finding me online without me spending any money on advertising, and I will look at my email and see people have signed up for strategy sessions with me as if by magic. In a weird way, it feels effortless. Instead of spinning my wheels doing things that weren’t getting results, I am focused on the key areas that are generating business for me. Now I have an assistant to do all my social media, manage my billing and client communication and get a membership site set up for a future offering.

The best part is that I’m on track to make six figures in the next few months while still only working 20 hours a week and being there for my kids. It feels like a business now instead of a “mom working from home”. I’ve experienced a huge shift not just in my confidence as a coach, but in how I want to be and live my life. And that has made all the difference.

Kathleen Murray

Please rest assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you’ll get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes. (If you have ANY problems, just contact my team at

I can’t wait for you to step into YOUR Platinum greatness and put this system to work for you, so you can create the money, momentum and time freedom you need to get your Heart Work out there in a BIG way.

Love and magic,

Elizabeth Purvis
Founder – Goddess Business School®

PS: Remember, you’re investing in Core Manifesting Process at no risk to you thanks to my generous “Make You More Than Happy” guarantee. Reserve your seat completely risk-free now.

This is box title

Program Schedule with Elizabeth:

Once you register, you will have instant access to all content in the Member’s Area. Q+A calls take place on Thursdays at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

elizabeth-arrowAll calls go for 2 hours.

Orientation Call: September 29
WEEK 1: October 6
WEEK 2: October 13
WEEK 3: October 20
WEEK 4: October 27
WEEK 5: November 3
WEEK 6: November 10
WEEK 7: November 17
Integration week (no call): November 24
WEEK 8 – Completion: December 1

What if you can’t make the calls LIVE? All calls will be recorded, plus you’ll be able to submit your questions to Elizabeth ahead of time in the Facebook group. With the presence of Elizabeth’s team of trained coaches in the Facebook group (plus most of the Core Manifesting Process alumni from previous programs, and of course Elizabeth herself), you will have access to a support system, 24/7!


“Before the program even finished, I made $10k in 10 days!”

Before Core Manifesting Process, my business felt like a mystery. Some months, I made great money, and other months I made no money. I felt overwhelmed by how to attract & create clients, and how to charge my worth.

I’m so excited to share that before the program even finished, I made $10K in 10 Days!

Plus I created another $10k month where I even took off two whole weeks. Today I have way more cash flow, and I also know how to enroll clients into my high-end programs. I’ve revamped my offerings so that I feel AMAZING about what I’m selling.

The biggest shift overall has been my mindset. I now know I’m capable of selling high-end programs, and I know that my work is worth it. As a side benefit, I’m happier and my relationship feels so much easier now that my business is bringing in money. I’m not relying on my partner to make ends meet anymore.

I’m now expanding my team, and creating more and more high-end programs that will eventually funnel into one another. I’m so excited because launching my mastermind (a dream for a while now) feels so much closer than before!!  I think one of the fundamental things that has changed is that I’m not afraid to be a high-end coach anymore. I know what I bring to the table is amazing, and my clients see great results.

Alionka Polanco
Life Coach & Entrepreneurial Mentor


“5 platinum clients and 2 “1-Day” clients in less than 90 days!”

Elizabeth helped me work out a strategy to value my time and quickly shift my business in a way that served both me AND my longtime clients. Within just a couple of weeks of our first retreat, I’d switched to an all-Platinum model, “upgraded” the appropriate clients, released the clients who were ready to complete and freed up ENTIRE DAYS in my schedule. (This had been totally unheard of!)

Now I can implement all the marketing I just didn’t have time for before. Plus, I’ve just hired my first assistant. Best of all, in less than 90 days, I have enrolled 5 more platinum clients and 2 “1-Day” clients – at fees no less than 3 times what I was making before!

Elizabeth is brilliant at not only crafting the “big picture vision,” but also at drilling down to the step-by-step strategies required to actually get there! Her direction is always “right on the money,” and her generosity, insight, extensive marketing expertise, and heartfelt commitment to her clients put her in a class by herself.

Barb Wade


“A five-figure month – with just 2 clients!”

As a licensed massage practitioner with a traditional 1-on-1 practice, I started working with Elizabeth to help me transition to a model that is more sustainable, scalable, and will enable me to reach more people. The challenge, of course, is discovering how to do it with what is primarily a hands-on, 1-on-1 healing practice!

With Elizabeth’s guidance and the help of her templates, I jumped in head first… I quickly created a 6-month Platinum program and the first client I offered it to said yes, at a high-four-figure investment. Then, I got a YES from a second client, which created a 5-figure month with just two clients.

After one session with one of my Platinum clients, I am so impressed by her commitment, self-knowledge, and openness to the work. It’s going to be an amazing 6 month journey with her… and it feels like an incredibly auspicious beginning to shifting into this way of offering my gifts to the world.

Katherine Macomber Millman
Leverage & Leadership Client


“Celebrating my first 1-Day Intensive sale!”

I wanted to write to tell you that I just sold my first 1-Day Intensive, at 5x my monthly coaching rate. Woo hoo!

It was the very first time I’ve ever offered it, too, so that was a lovely smooth start.

I’ve been wanting to launch a luxurious high-end intensive for a while. I thought I had to wait until I’d built a sales page, but after reading your High-End Client Hotspots report, I realized I can start offering them in my conversations immediately.

I’ve already reserved a jaw-droppingly gorgeous upscale hotel room overlooking the Hudson river in NYC for the Intensive, and am really excited to be creating this. I am confident this day will be a life-changing experience with my client. Meeting in person is a real advantage for the work I’m doing as I can give her an actual experience of my pleasurable weight loss teachings, so offering 1-Day Intensives is a really great model for me.

I’m doing a happy dance and wanted to share it with you, Marketing Muse. Thanks for inspiring me!

Jena La Flamme


“5 amazing new platinum clients for a total of $30,000!”

Before joining Elizabeth’s program, I was doing well but knew that I needed to build up my confidence in holding empowered conversations that convert so that I could breakthrough to the next level in my business and make an even bigger difference.

As a result of being a part of this amazing program, I boosted how I show up for my breakthrough sessions and signed up 5 amazing new platinum clients for a total of $30,000. And I did this working 20 hours a week. I proudly share that I’m a full-time mommy and a part-time entrepreneur that makes an amazing living. And I have Elizabeth to thank for that. Elizabeth has truly been an angel in my life with helping me create a life of real meaning, fulfillment and freedom.

There are no words to convey the gratitude in my heart. I know I will continue to use all that I’ve learned from Elizabeth not only in my business but also in my life. I look forward to being an important part of Elizabeth’s continued programs and diving in even deeper into this work that is not only so financially rewarding but that is so transformational at the deepest heart level. Thank you, my dear gifted coach and sister goddess. My most heart-felt gratitude for all that you do, all that you are and the deep inner healing you bring out in each and every person you touch.

Nachhi Randhawa


“My 10-week program went from $1997 to $4997!”

I had just started a brand new business when I joined Elizabeth’s program. Although I had plenty of knowledge and information about what I taught and my own programs, there was something missing for me. That “something” was a Goddess State Of Mind! I was trying to run my business solely from my head and from what I knew without owning my value…my Divine-ness!

I remember Elizabeth saying, “Your clients will step into your energy!”

So I started being very mindful of the things I said to myself…my “who are you to do this work” conversations and things began happening and changing! I was contacted to host a radio show with 5 million listeners on VoiceAmerica, I was invited to write articles as a guest for several websites and I was asked to be “The Official Passion Guide” for And I started having people contact me and ask to work with me. And the best part is, my 10-week program suddenly went from $1997 to $4997!

I love my business now! I love the elegance of operating my business from the mindset of being a Goddess. I love that I learned from Elizabeth that I AM the person to do this work and that people love to pay me because I add value to their lives!

Thank you, Elizabeth.
You have a lovely gift to offer to the world!

Emily Anne Webber


“4 clients in the first two weeks, quadrupling my income for this month!”

Elizabeth, I just had to share what has shifted for me since joining your 6-Figure Goddess Core Manifesting Process program!

Even though I’ve been doing my work 11 years, I was not claiming my expertise. My rates were still too low, and my business was adversely affected by the economy. Signing up for your Core Manifesting Process program was a HUGE leap of faith; I really did not see how I could create a signature program of my own.

But in these first 10 days since starting the program, I put together my first signature system and 90-day program, incorporating what we learned on the calls and from the handouts. I emailed the materials to 3 clients. I just have to share what happened in the enrollment conversations. They were very short!

Woo Hooo! In just a few days, I tripled my income for May, and made more than enough to pay back my investment in the program!!!

That’s FOUR clients in the first two weeks, quadrupling my income for this month. I am so grateful to be claiming my expertise and supporting my clients in a powerful way. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Melody LeBaron

“From $500 to $20,000 per month!”

Before Core Manifesting Process my clients were arguing with me about paying $50 an hour and I had NO coaching packages. I was struggling to talk with clients about booking additional sessions with me!

The massive amount of education in PPS eliminated my overwhelm, fear, and indecision. I began to see just how much I was getting in my own way in my business. This program gave me the logistical know-how to design and sell high-end packages and run a 6 figure business. And it provided a safe container in which to literally redesign my entire business (in 30 days) and take myself seriously as a business owner. I discovered that I actually love running a business AND truly love sales conversations. I also learned how to step into my own power and design my business in a way that truly worked for me.

In my first month in the program I went from an average of $500 in monthly revenue to $20,000 in monthly sales! My business kept growing from there and within 6 months I was at 6 figures! I am now well on my way to multiple six-figures within 12 months. Core Manifesting Process is GREAT if you are willing to take massive action during the program, TRUST in the process and yourself, and step into your own brilliance.

Emma M. Churchman, M.Div.
Conscious Business Mentor


“Within 15 days I secured my first Platinum client for $4,300!”

Thanks to what I learned in Core Manifesting Process, I first developed a new Millionaire and Goddess-like identity and mindset. Then, I created a 90-day High-End Program called “The High-End Consultant Secrets”, and secured my first Platinum Client within 15 days, for $4,300.

I very quickly started to attract more high-end clients, like coaches or trainers of coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs, which resulted in $30,000 coaching revenues for a 8 weeks group VIP Law of Attraction coaching program, 4 private and group VIP days in a month, and more time for less work! Now, I’m envisioning offering a 6-month Premium Program, as an ‘upsell’ for my VIP Day High-End Clients.

I still read my notes from the Core Manifesting Process when I want to improve my mindset and aim higher! And I love having plenty of extra time to ‘play’ with my kids!

Marcelle della Failie


“$5,000 in my first week!”

Before participating in Core Manifesting Process, I struggled to sell my coaching services and my programs to high-end clients.

Thanks to what I learned, I had my first $5,000 week!

My future is bright! I am grateful for this new found and deeply felt knowing that I have the power to multiply my income fast and easily!

Olivia Reyes

“Hands down, Core Manifesting Process is my favorite program, and it literally transformed my business!”

I have doubled my income from last year, and I’m only half way into the current year. That’s AMAZING! Don’t blink, don’t hesitate, just invest in Core Manifesting Process, do the work, and you’ll get results.

Amunet J. Burgueno


So, are you ready to create, market and fill
your first – or next – high-end program?

Click Here To Register For the Core Manifesting Process

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us at and we’ll happy to help!

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